Why is my husband sabotaging me?

My husband finally accepted a job offer yesterday after 3 months of searching (fortunately had severance coming in those months). We decided to go out to the food truck park nearby to celebrate since he wanted ice cream. He is in excellent shape and doesn’t have a problem with sweet cravings, but does very occasionally want ice cream, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. When we get there he keeps saying that I should share it with him, and even goes as far as to order a crepe in addition to the ice cream – something I would have ordered in the past. I give him all my lines about loving hanging out and celebrating without eating it. I do great by just getting a glass of wine instead of eating the dessert, but then half of it is left and he continues to suggest that I finish it. I eventually do eat it even though I didn’t crave it. I mostly wanted to please him. I’m just having a little nagging in the back of my mind that even if I can think of it differently, I really want him to stop doing it and just not ever offer me dessert in the first place.
C: He offers me dessert
T: I wish he would stop doing that and support me since he knows exactly what I’m doing with my self coaching. He wants me to fail or doesn’t think I can do it.
F: Annoyed
A: Eat the dessert to make him stop
R: Eat off my plan

C: He offers me dessert
T: Maybe he wants me to eat it to prove that I’m celebrating with him or because he thinks I will enjoy it.
F: Unsure/Loved?
A: Reassure him that I’m so happy about his job and that I’m not interested in eating the dessert
R: Stay on my plan