why not me 4.0

ok, i^m going to do that for the next week.
everytime i feel jealous or angry or something. I will describe it and process the emotion.
for example today:

c: bettina told me that she went to pick up some furniture to ikea. (10minutes away from my appartment). i texted her in whatsapp: are u coming to visit me? bettina didn’t respond to that but send me a picture of the furnished balcony to which i replied in whatsapp: nice, its sad you didn’t come and say hi. Bettina didn’t reply to that text.
t: such a stupid… she could have replied. how dare she
f: angry
a: being passive agressiv, not texting here as much as i normally do, holding back on being nice
r: no being the friend i normally am.

should i relive this scenario until i dont feel angry anymore?
or how does it work?

thanks so much!