Why Questions

My brain is really set on going to the “why is this like this?” Sometimes it’s helpful, lending greater understanding for me and then the thought work on it to help me shift it.

But often or overall – “why” doesn’t really matter – it just is, so let’s look at how to shift…
Any coaching on this?

When we question the circumstances in our lives, we can choose to see them as lessons, as opportunities to be curious, and as things that just simply exist in our world.

We can also choose to question, blame, and become a victim to our circumstances based on the thoughts we choose to think.

“Why” can be one of the most powerful questions we ask ourselves as we are uncovering and observing our thinking.

Why am I choosing to think this?
Why am I making this a problem?
Why and how am I arguing with reality?

If you trusted that things were working in your favor right now, what might you choose to think about one of your current circumstances?