Why so angry lady?

Is it helpful to ask yourself, “Why am I so angry?”

People ask me “why are you so angry” often and it is rarely directed to a person, place or thing. It is a response, possibly a habit that has lessened over the years since I softened with many tools to heal trauma. Now people started asking me again.

Is it ever helpful for a coach/therapist/friend to ask that? It comes off accusatory. Same with: “I’m hearing you have a victim mindset”

Anyway, now that I learned from BC to not have an “I don’t know” I’m looking for chipping away at the many layers of anger: rage first, fear underneath. It is affecting my nervous system: tight muscles and pain sent me to a physical therapist who suggested mindfulness.

So, is there a better question to ask myself, like what do I feel is causing the anger?

C Anger
T F you I’m always angry
F disgust, fear, sad, tense, overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, over it, ready for new
A cling to mediocrity, wallow in self pity, buffer
R Stay the same because of fear?

C Anger
T Here it is again
F Excited, energized, outta my way, hormonal, inspired, welcoming
A Pile on info- read everything and take no action, get mad at new ideas
R Blame self for not taking action