Why things didn’t manifest

For this month’s work, day 7 where we look at things we manifested and don’t manifest when we were younger and why: I’m struggling with answering why to things I didn’t manifest.

I didn’t manifest winning student council Vice President when I was in high school (lol I’m almost 40 years old and this came to mind). I have no idea why. I tried really hard. I had one shot at it so it wasn’t a possibility to try again ( well maybe in college but I no longer wanted it then). I have other examples like this.

There were guys I dated that I really wanted to be reunited with but it didn’t happen. I can see this a little more clearly. I have my perfect for me husband now, the man of my dreams. I manifested what I wanted there ultimately.

Struggling a little on clarity about why I didn’t manifest things I really wanted. I know it’s my thoughts ultimately. But not seeing the thought I had for student council VP. And generally speaking this exercise is challenging me because everything that I really wanted that didn’t manifest, I find myself asking “yeah why DIDN’T that manifest??”