Why won’t I take action?

Hi there~ I’m struggling with following through on the action part in one of my intentional models, which leads to me do lots of other models to work with my thoughts, but never taking the necessary action.

My unintentional model is:
C I don’t end my sessions on time
T I’m incapable of ending my sessions on time, I’ve tried endlessly and failed consistently
F Hopeless
A Indulge in negative emotion
R Don’t end my sessions on time

Intentional model
C I don’t end my sessions on time
T I am choosing to believe that I am incapable, but the truth is, I am capable, I just have to do it
F Empowered
A Manage my session
R End session on time, stop losing time and money

I can clearly see this, but when it comes to managing sessions and ending on time, I fail to follow through. Then I go and do another model about why I fail to follow through, and come full circle at the A line being manage my session. But, I still have yet to successfully take the action. I feel like something is off in how I am doing my models. Where am I going wrong? Besides not taking action?