Will the cravings ever stop?

I’m so proud of myself – I quit drinking Diet Coke 5 weeks ago today and that’s a HUGE deal for me. I was drinking litres per day and not sure what possessed me on that day but I just quit.

My issue is that I’d hoped that after 5 weeks the cravings would stop. Sadly, I still think about it multiple times per day and constantly fighting the thoughts of “you can have just one” etc.

I’m finding that in these instances I’m eating extra food which isn’t good either.

I keep thinking of your challenges with Chardonnay. Do you still think about it? I feel like it was such a part of my lifestyle (I don’t drink coffee so i used to go on Diet Coke runs during the day at work) that it’s left a void that I’m not sure how to fill.

Any tips on how to deal with the cravings without buffering with other undesirable behaviours?