Will I continue to commit to my new routine?

Dear coach 😊
I started thinking about who I want my future self to be (so fun!), so this week-end I wrote what I wanted to think, feel & act in the future.

So I just started (this very morning) a new morning routine, YAY!
BUT I previously started a lot of routines and failed almost every time to stick to it, therefore I’m a bit worried about this new one as you can see below in my unintentional Model :
C – I start a new routine
T – Will I continue to commit to it ? I almost never succeeded to do so
F – Worried / Not confident
A – I skip some mornings
R – I end up not doing it at all and quit

I wrote this intentional Model :
C – I start a new routine
T – I’m capable to stick to it, I know my future self is waiting for me on the other side of that daily commitment and I can’t wait to meet her!
F – Confident / Excited
A – I stick to my routine every morning
R – I become the future self I decided

Am I doing this intentional Model right ? It feels good anyway when I think that thought so I guess it’s a good sign, I’m just not sure it’ll be sufficient to fuel that commitment until it becomes automatic for me. What to think if it doesn’t work one morning (or 2…) and I don’t do it?
I can see there is something to do with how much I can believe (or not) that my future self can be different from the past one, but still need all the tips you have to help me figure out how to do it, to start believing hard in it.

Thanks a lot for your help!