Will Ignoring Bring Bliss?

Queen Awesomeness,

Every now and then I tune into a podcast, panel or blog post about screenwriting and I’ve done that (mistake) this weekend.

It’s not enough that almost each book on the craft of writing deals with why writers don’t write, and why the plot, characters and scenes you came up with must be shallow and obvious. As if sitting down to write wasn’t hard enough.

I am amazed by all the negativity that all these working screenwriters and consultants and professors have. It’s as if they are the unofficial gate keepers at the doors to this industry, hoping to keep as many of us ‘aspiring screenwriters’ out.

So after three hours or so of tuning into the latest and greatest I have these notes:

It’s super competitive. There are so many talented, much younger talented screenwriters. It’s almost impossible to get an agent. It’s impossible to get hired unless you live in LA. You have to write something really good but the chances of you doing it are very small. Writing is the most difficult pursuit. Don’t quit your day job. Even if hired, you never know when your next project will come. You always have to network. You have to read everything. You have to know the right people. You have to be on social media. You have to join a writer’s group. Oh, and you have to have a rare talent because we’ve seen it all.

At the end of such a day I almost wish I hadn’t knew all this. Life was simpler before and I wore pink sunglasses.

What a screenwriter to do when these negative voices come from the outside and from actually people who are working in the industry and made it to the other side? Should these be taken as facts?

With gratitude.

That screenwriter.