How will I be notified if my question is answered?

Hi my friend Brooke :),
I wrote in last week with a question, but didn’t get a confirmation or a reply.
How do I know if I’ve submitted it properly?
I’ve included my original my question below

Hi my friend Brooke :),
My name is Jenny, and my purpose is to be a peaceful human.
I am 29 year old mum to be (yay!), living in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Pete. In work and life I design systems that reduce waste and generate more value. As systems are my jam, I LOVE the model and your teaching style. I also love you!

So my question from week one’s assignment is why did you come up with a mix of 50/50 for the balance of positive emotion? What if my sweet spot is another mix, say 80 negative and 20 positive?
I think 50/50 is a choice right? And I can choose what balance of positive emotion is most effective at making me a peaceful human?
Would love to hear more thoughts on this.

I have one more question:
1. If you’re into the enneagram, I’m an enthusiast, which means I’m naturally more optimistic and am so excited about chasing dreams I can forget to stay present. Doing the thought models this week, I’ve noticed my thoughts are usually at more extreme ends of the spectrum- I.e. Wildly negative, then when I do an intentional thought model, the thought I go to is wildly positive. For example: circumstance: I eat dairy. Unintentional thought “I’m going to feel sick, break out in pimples and curl up in the foetal position all day”. I wanted to immediately change this thought to “this food is nourishing”, which didn’t feel peaceful, so I went with “I’m grateful for the food I have” instead. While this is less sunshine and rainbows, It feels like a “buffer” thought. Do you have any suggestions on how I can come up with more “neutral” thoughts to replace the widely negative ones?