Willing to feel loneliness

In the list of emotions I want to feel and those I’m willing to feel as a human being was loneliness, and I’m sure you can guess which side it was under.

Today was a holiday I spent it aline due to bad travel conditions. Most of the time I was fine, Ihad a good day. Toward evening, the loneliness rose up. My brain said I’ll be alone forever. Feeling not good enough began to creep in around the edges.I asked myself those questions, where is it in my body? Color? Taste? I reminded myself its ok to have feelings. I won’t die from them. This is part of being human, and it’s ok to feel lonely sometimes. I wrote down some things that I feel grateful for, and by the time I was done, I did feel better and most importantly, I didn’t jump on a dating site trying to distract myself from feelings.

I feel ok about how I handled this episode, but would appreciate any thoughts you might have. Is this basically what I do until I don’t feel those feelings anymore?