Willingness o accept discomfort

So I’ve decided to put a toe or two in the water and start dating again. And I’m feeling really uncomfortable.

I’ve lost about 2/3 of my desired weight (about 35 pounds so far) so can’t use it as an excuse any more (they won’t like me as I’m too fat).

And as I’m not buffering with food and wine I kind of have time to date. My work life, finances and social life are also doing well. Sigh.

So I’m now I’m hitting lots and lots of discomfort. Is it possible that I’ve got somewhat used to the discomfort of not giving in to an urge? Or the discomfort of stepping on the scale each morning? Or of feeling how I feel when my boss doesn’t pat me on the head and give me the ‘atta girl’ I want (thanks to a past coaching call where your client called it)?

But this new discomfort of having to go out on a first date is just plain icky. I’m reminded of something you said a few months back (I’m a VIP) which I can only half remember. Something about how much discomfort we’re willing to put up with impacting on how much success we’ll have???

I need some words of wisdom here please.