Willingness to be Uncomfortable

Hi Brooke,

Just listened to Ep #180: Lessons from My Business. Although I’m not an entrepreneur I still found many of the lessons applicable to my life. The lesson on “being willing to be uncomfortable” is what spoke to me the most. I think often times I lose the momentum in a goal and fall into apathy because I don’t ride the discomfort long enough and want relief from it hence the self-sabotage / giving up. What are some things you’ve done or found helpful when dealing with discomfort especially for a person who’s trying to change from being apathetic in their life to chasing and fulling big dreams?

If I’ve learned anything my guess would be managing my thought and doing thought work? Example: T: this is too hard A: give up to T: this is suppose to be hard. I can do hard things. A: keep going.

Also I do believe in some sort of relief after a hard day of goal chasing. Maybe that can look like journaling or a massage instead of eating a donut or giving up. What is the break to the momentum of discomfort and isn’t relief necessary for a break?

Thank you.