Willpower and the Model

Where does willpower go in the model? I hear a lot of LCS theory about resisting an urge and having difficulty telling if that’s what I’m doing or if I’m allowing it which is what I’m attempting to do.

C – cooking dinner, protocol is that I eat when plated, hunger is at -4 on the scale
T – I’m hungry
F – urge
A – Remind myself of the goal. Remind myself of the protocol. Don’t eat the mushroom til it’s plated
R – I’m more hungry for my protocol and weight goal than the mushroom

The A line does feel like I’m asserting the power of my will in the moment,

I ask because I find myself binging. I stay on protocol for almost a week and then binge. I’ve heard that can be because I’m relying on willpower and resisting urges instead of allowing them, so that energy makes them more powerful . My last binge here’s what I can piece together:

C – sensation of let down after social high (this is a common binge trigger for me – friends had just left(, Hunger scale was +2. (I’m not aware of any of this at the time, my C at the time is I’m in the kitchen on a Sunday night next to a roll).
T – that roll looks good
F – urge
A – eat the roll. Justify the second roll because I’m off protocol now. Search the kitchen and graze food that isn’t on protocol and have a few bites of all of it (ice cream, candy).
R – choose the good of the roll over the good of my goal.