Willpower as a buffer

I was just watching again Brooke’s lesson of the month about losing weight and she mentioned something that I found very interesting and wanted more elaboration on if possible. She mentioned that we can use willpower as a buffer. That willpower when it comes to food can actually be a buffer to not really experience all the feelings around eating or not eating.

I was anorexic in high school and I can totally see how that can be true. I used my willpower not to eat to totally numb all my emotions around what was going on with me. Curious how it works for a more “regular” non-eating disorder kind of person?

I totally use willpower in planning my food and choosing what I eat and don’t eat every day etc.. I was not bringing in the joy eating part most likely because it felt like it was going against my willpower superpower but brought it in this week for the first time. I allowed myself a small bowl of chips but found that I couldn’t even finish that small bowl. Anyway, wondering if you could share a little more on how willpower can work for us or against us? Thank you!!