Thanks so much for answering my last question about overeating. I love reading the Ask Brooke section – such good stuff.

I truly am slowly learning what it means to actually feel my feelings rather than avoid them, but I do come up against it. I am resisting cravings and urges (which I separate as the difference between “A cookie sounds really good” vs “Let’s go get a cookie”), so is my task to just accept that that’s where I’m at with it right now?

My thought is that I can only handle and accept so many urges before they just get annoying and I need to respond. I’m like, “Okay, I’ve allowed these urges for a week, time for them to go away” 😛 I realize that this probably means I’m in willpower. I really want to be able to learn and grow in a space where I don’t act on my desire to overeat after a period of time.

Thank you, thank you!