WIN: transitioning from defensive to curious / helpful

I just did a life changing MODEL Brooke (and team!).

I’m sharing this to show the power of the model, recognizing our feelings and how we literally create different results when we sit down and do this work!

Unintentional Model:
C: client asks a question about my work
T: my work isn’t the problem. Everything else is.
F: defensive
A: find proof and examples of other bigger people who follow the same method. Point out all the other problems.
R: negative energy focused on making me right and everyone else wrong, including the client! Client senses that defensive energy and doesn’t love working with me, so she doesn’t.

T: let’s figure this out so it can be on point for the next round of ads and help the client achieve her goal
F: curious / helpful / open
A: collaborate with team, find ways to improve the project
R: positive energy focused on creating the goal the client is paying to achieve.

Wowsers!! I feel completely different approaching this situation and as though I’M different!!