Wine Glass Question!

Hi, so first off, I wanted to say I am totally an example of what’s possible within scholars! Became a VIP last month and so many areas of my life are improving. My relationship with myself, my business, and not only did I stop overdrinking, I stopped drinking completely. That alone has improved my life so much and given me so much free space and time to work on myself within scholars, it’s actually why I joined scholars in the first place, seeing your stop overdrinking program on Facebook. But of course, I’m not perfect 🙂 So I still have a couple questions! I just got a new curio cabinet, and switched over all my drinkware. I have about 100 pieces of beautiful stemware, and decanters, etc. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them, b/c i found during the process I was having thoughts like “I might drink again someday, if I have people over I want them to be able to have a glass of wine if they want so I need these glasses, etc”. And then I started feeling a little anxious, questioning am I really never going to drink again, or if by keeping them on display am I not really committing to not drinking’ I heard Brooke mention in a call or podcast that she had a lot of beautiful pieces that she was no longer using either…wondering what she did with them all? Thank you so much for your time!!!