Winning Strategy & Life Coaching

I’ve been reading “The Last Word on Power” and I’ve discovered that my “Winning Strategy” (so things turn out as they ‘should’) is “modeling”. I listen for “What Works” so I can be certain and succeed (or “not fail”, which is probably more accurate). I realized I usually look for “What Works” and then simply follow that as a ‘recipe’. I found “what works” in school, with my parents, with college… I did the same when choosing a business model… parenting… etc. As long as there’s a model “that works” (especially if it works for a lot of people), I feel certain/secure – and will implement with gusto. Obviously, while that’s been a “winning strategy”, it also creates some confusion and “stuckness” when it comes to situations where I can’t find or quickly discern “what’s working” (or even people using that model to prove it works for everyone equally).

For example, I’ve wanted to be a life coach ever since I realized that was a thing from Tony Robbins. However, my marketing friends (the same people I modeled) – told me it was an impossible market to succeed in (“How many Tony Robbins are there?”) so I put that idea on a shelf. However, over the years, Life Coaching Schools have popped up – so the concept once again became a possibility. However, probably not a concrete one, since the “What’s working” seemed to be so “out there”. After all, what’s the chances that I have a best-selling infomercial … or create a “Chicken Soup for the Soul” type of best-seller… or anything the few “top dogs” of the life coaching field seemed to do. There was success, but no clear “model”. (Do X and You’re Certain to Get Y Result).

Until I found YOU! You put YOUR life coaching into a “model” that – from a marketer’s standpoint – makes sense. So my brain said “Ah ha! Duplicatible model … it works … gets X results … we’re ONTO something here!”

But the reality is that I also know that model says “Pick 1 problem, pick 1 type of person, niche way down, help that group.” Which I get! I 1000% get. It IS a certain key to success – especially if that market has money and is pre-disposed to paying money to solve their problems. At least enough of them to make a coaching business work.

My issue is that my brain is telling me “There’s no specific model you can follow for what YOU WANT TO DO that creates certainty that you will succeed.” (There’s a ‘general’ model, but no specific model – and my brain wants ultimate certainty.)

In fact, here’s what I’d like to do: I want to help people create extraordinary lives! I want to help people break through their fears, their negative emotions, and design and create awesome lives. To realize their maximum potential. To use their lives as “creation devices” to see just how big and glorious their lives can become. To help them create, grow, and add real value to the world. I want to help ANYONE with a voice or message – from coaches, authors, speakers, artists, actors to entrepreneurs, teachers, parents.

As the book says, my winning strategy is keeping me from launching into this next phase. I can niche way, way down – but I feel like I want to go way, way big. LOL. And right now I’m doing nothing, nothing, nothing – because my brain can’t see a “recipe” with this same dream to make this work. So I’ve been telling myself I’m stuck – which in fact, I’m probably just scared – because I have to go and pioneer this thing (and there’s no certainty there).

Any thoughts on this?

P.S. It doesn’t help that my brain also says “But modeling IS the smartest way to do all of this. You’re absolutely RIGHT to find and copy success – because otherwise, you’ll fail. So your winning strategy is obviously the right one.”