With 1st Draft In Hand

I am a scholar for 8 months and finally completed an entire manuscript of my very first book.
I struggled so much with fear of writing, I cannot even tell you how much self-coaching I’ve done, lists of focus thoughts and honoring my writing daily commitment.
And now I’ve arrived at an important point. I printed out the 1st draft manuscript and I need to read it through and start making notes on what needs to be changed/rewritten.
What I noticed is an anxious feeling and I found the thought that basically asks – what if it’s really bad?

So today I’ve tried to list some great thoughts to think instead, like:
It might be amazing.
I can always make it better.
I am so far ahead than I used to be.
Even if it’s not perfect I will love the fact that I showed up and completed it.

I notice how my brain cringes and is afraid to look, fearing it may be disastrously bad.

I wonder if you can help me with few more thoughts to handle this phase?