With A Broken Wrist

I hiked this past weekend, slipped and broke my wrist.
Had it put into a splint for now and need to x-ray it every week, change to a cast and hope for a healing within 6 to 8 weeks.
Until then, I type with my right hand and cannot do even basic things at home, dressing, tying my shoes, not allowed to exercise, etc.

I was planning to resume my protocol right after this vacation, as well as start a new script, but all my brain wants is to feel bad for myself, indulge in food, rest and do nothing.

In a way everyone tells me I am lucky and it could have been worse, but I keep going back to the trauma of my fall and how much I need comfort food now, rest and no work.

In this case I was actually in a trauma. I was in danger. I was injured. I am physically in pain and with limited mobility.
But I would like to show up differently than with self-pity towards myself.

What some thoughts will get me there?