WOC (women of color) coaches and their space in the coaching world

I am a life coach and a WOC. I have noticed there are more and more non-WOC who have a niche in the same or similar subject area that I am coaching in. I keep having some thoughts that I would love coaching on.

C- I’m a WOC doing the same niche as “insert list of names here”
T- people are more likely to go to the non-WOC than me because society favors certain races over others
T – going to a WOC wouldn’t be their first choice
F- scarcity (anxiety too as I think about it more).
A- thought spiral, question my niche, question whether I should market to WOC (but don’t really want that honestly because I love all races), don’t think I can have a profitable business in my area/niche, doubt myself
R- not sure

I found someone else today that does something similar to my niche and I thought, “Someone else too.” I then saw they were a WOC and felt relief thinking, “Ok, there is space.” This thought was immediately followed by telling myself, “But is there really room for me now? She (the WOC) has 40+ years of experience.”

I can’t control what society does. At the end of the day if someone doesn’t work with me “just” because I’m a WOC, then they really wouldn’t be the next person for me.
Really need some coaching on this.