women are so often mean to

I’m tired of women being mean to me for too many years.

They turn their back when I enter the room, they tell me my hair smells bad, (but it smells good).

They say there is no room for me on the sofa, they tell me my 2year old is probably deaf (she is not at all;  she is normal and hears perfectly), and so much more.

I thought it is maybe because I’m too happy, outgoing, have goals and am energetic. I tried to be more neutral but it did not work. I think they want to take me down.

They took a lock on my bike, so the result is I have no bike.

Sometimes I can think maybe they are jealous of me because I have more money or they think I look better than them.

It is just sad that the women do this to me year after year. No men do this never ever.