Wonderful Thought – Wonderful Feeling – Unwanted Result

I used to beat myself up every time I would overeat. That was before I joined SCS and took the Stop Overeating Course.

I was on a great protocol for 3 months and went on a vacation and started overeating then again.
Now I am back to my regular schedule and am trying to resume the previous protocol and I notice that I am following it two days and then break it on the 3rd day and on and on I go.

Now, when I have a morning urge to overeat, I notice a new thought:
“It’s normal for you to have the urge to overeat, and it will be totally okay if you will reward it, because we no longer judge ourselves and feel shame. Wanting to overeat is human.”

And when I think this thought, it feels like self-love and compassion.

And normally my action would be to then go and overeat, because I act from a Model that I know I will not beat myself up, so I know I will get to enjoy the food I love AND be compassionate towards myself.

The only thing I am able to notice now is that while this thought sounds wonderful and generates a loving feeling for me, and even an action that at the moment I enjoy, it’s not a useful thought.

But the Result I have is that I gain weight, so I don’t understand how such a beautiful and self-loving and compassionate thought could lead to a wonderful feeling, but an unwanted result?