Wondering how to get started on SCS program content and starter kit –Labeling myself as “late/behind” since starting last month.

Hi Brooke and all –I’m so delighted to have found the SCS program! I’m writing to ask for any perspective on getting started and working with the materials in these first few months. Having received the start kit and April packet right at the end of March, I felt a big whoosh of content overflow and started with the starter kit and related booklets, including self coaching 101. As April ticked by, I was so immersed in the starter box that I wasn’t really participating in the April content. And now, I’m spinning myself like a little top over how to “catch up” because I feel “behind/late” as May appears with a crazy exciting new packet that I can’t wait to dive into! So as I look at my April packet, unattended to regarding podcasts, calls, homework etc I’m thinking, “I’m late getting started, behind, etc…what do I do? Do I work on April, before May, stay with the starter kit, etc..” I would appreciate any perspective you have to share on settling into the program –which of course is already starting to reveal to me my idea that there is “A BEST/RIGHT” way to “start.” I am betting that you may get this question regularly, though I didn’t find anything when searching the questions. Thank you!