Your words, ” you have so much value” is the mantra of the month

I’m here to confirm that listening to your most recent coaching call is powerful. Yes, it would be great to be coached in person but if I sit and listen as if you are speaking to me it is just as effective. The most recent call put into words my life living with my alcoholic husband who passed away in late 2016. The words shared by the caller stating that she made herself smaller because everything about this person was large was the first time I heard my thoughts spoken out loud. I ran a successful business that, to use her words, was poo pooed. Many of the calls are around doing and right now I need to just be and accept that I have value. Your words, you got this! is another powerful phrase that has become a mantra. I am slowly accepting that it’s ok for me to be happy and alone….not lonely. I’m being told that I will meet someone and I think I don’t need anyone, I have my back! This journey I’m on with you since July has been powerful (there’s that word again) Even when I think I’m not doing it right, I still get it. Thank you