I have been doing some thought work regarding my current employment. C- Current job T- I want to leave my current job because I want my source of income to come from a job that is important to me, and makes me feel authentic and excited F-Dissatisfaction A-Indulge in constant confusion, read and listen to more self- help content, distract myself with hobbies like photography and interior design (starting projects with these hobbies to make them seem important), reluctantly go to work and count the hours while there, beat myself up for staying employed there for 8 years, consider other career options (even though I would likely never follow through because of fear). R- Living in a state of constant confusion, stress, and self-doubt, avoid anything related to my field of work, dress down at work and perform mediocre work IM C- same T- There is no wrong career or job for me as long as I find it meaningful F- Motivated A- update resume, perform thought work on confidence to leave job after so many years, make list of jobs that I would do if I find the courage, stop distracting myself with meaningless hobby projects. R- Make a final decision on a job that I will enjoy I still feel as though my IM is not believable yet and I do not feel ready to begin the actions Should I modify it? Create a bridge thought? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks!