Work and Disabilities 2

So I’ve given some thought to the suggestions of supporting and promoting myself but am having a hard time finding others ways to do this when I meet with my boss. I’ve told him that I have been keeping a log of answers to questions I ask. I also created a list of different places written down that I’ll look at for the answer first prior to reaching out to a team member.

My guard immediately goes up anytime someone says to myself or others with disabilities that we need to do X , that we shouldn’t be given help or assistance. Then I go right to judging them ‘ They are not a doctor, they shouldn’t be telling me I need to do X without assistance’

Right now my boss repeatedly tells me that I need to step up, find answers on my own, and do better weekly and I shut down. I make it mean I’m not good enough and he is trying to build evidence against me in order to fire me. This is something I’ve experienced in the past after disclosing I had disabilities to my boss at my last job and I don’t want to end up at the end result, getting fired.

UM: C: boss says ‘I need to step up, find answers on my own, and do better regardless of my disability weekly. Just like a person who is a slow reader you need to work twice as hard’
T: He is trying to build evidence against me
F: Fustrated
A: I don’t listen. I judge him. I stop asking anyone for help. I don’t do any work.
R: I’m building evidence against myself

In this conflict, what options are available ? What way can I support myself when having a conversation like this with my boss ?