work and family

hi brooke

I have an issue that keeps rearing it’s head. I think that i need to be at work in the evenings, but also want to be at home with my family. I feel conflicted whichever option i choose. I actually don’t need to be there, but i think the business runs better when i am there – I see issues and solve problems that others don’t see – I don’t want to miss anything that might be detrimental to our business – i am trying to prevent situations occurring that customers would be unhappy about. I see that it’s not possible to control the world, but i think that’s what i’m trying to do here.

c work
t i want to be at work and be home with family
f conflicted
a go to work or stay home, but ruminate on either decision
r i’m not anywhere 100% present

c work
t if i’m there, i can prevent issues or at least deal with them
f protective
a desire to be at work all the time, but not really want to be there
r try to control the world

I have a number of locations and can’t be everywhere nor work day and night – i recognise this, but this has been my pattern for many years. I’d like some perspective if you have any thoughts. Many thanks and love.