work and worthiness

C: Work
T: I should be doing more
F: Overwhelm
A: Taking action (but not intentional action) , people pleasing (taking action for other people’s priorities)
R: I should be doing more to help myself

This is a thought that comes up for me both at home and work and I am able to transition to the intentional model:

C: work
T: I will get done what is important
F: Trust
A: Prioritizing my actions, taking intentional action
R: I get done what is important for me

The overwhelm model continues to come up for me. I think I have a lot of thoughts and judgement about myself being “unproductive.” Is the overwhelm model coming up because I have this other model running?

C: work completed (I could list specific tasks I completed here)
T: I’m so lazy.
F: Unworthy
A: Taking no action toward my work, buffering instead
R: I’m lazier than I would have been

I have a lot of worthiness tied to my productivity. I would like to work on celebrating myself even if I got nothing done. I intellectually understand that I’m worthy no matter what, but if I pictured myself doing nothing even for a few hours, I am having trouble thinking of myself as worthy.