Work Anxiety

Hi Brooke!
I recently took a 6-month consulting job at a firm that I’ve wanted to work at for years. I knew going in that the role would be challenging for me but it’s an area that I’ve always wanted to become better at. In the past, I’ve actually avoided this one area of my profession and knew that in order to get to the next level, I needed to face it head on; so when this opportunity came, I decided to go for it.

I was excited to challenge myself and I knew it was a huge growth opportunity for me. I went in eyes wide open, committed and did a lot of self-coaching (as well as coaching with Suzy) to make sure I liked my reasons.

However, I’ve been at the job now for three weeks, and I feel like I’m floundering and spiraling downward. Even though I sensed the role would be challenging and feel proud of myself for taking this step, on the other hand feel I like I’m over my head. When I look at what I’ve produced so far, I am disappointed and feel like I am not meeting the expectations of both my customers and my managers.

My thought is that I’m an imposter, that I oversold myself and that now everyone is let down. I’m embarrassed and anxious. I’m trying to be open and learn from my mistakes, but it is instead causing me to feel more insecure and want to hide rather than see how I did. For example, I have to listen to my recordings with clients and send them to my manager for review – I dread hearing how I sound and what I said because I did not do well on the calls.

Again, I knew this was not my strongest skill set but I guess the thought causing me pain is my belief that I am an imposter and fraud; that I made it seem in the interview that I could do the job and that now I’m not doing it; that I wasn’t honest about how much I needed to learn. I also think that based on my prior experience and age, I should be better at this than I am.

How can I manage my anxiety and move forward to improve? What if this is an area that I’m just not naturally good at? How can I do this and not try to control what others think of me?