Work around agitation

Hi there. I am doing some work on beliefs around feelings. I see how so many times, like when I procrastinate overeat or quit, the feeling I chase is relaxed. I chase relaxed when I am operating from worry and anxiety but also positive emotions like excitement.

I asked myself why. So I wrote down what I think about agitated people. Here it is. Agitated people are:

– weak (agitation is a fragility and they are exposing it to the eyes of everyone)
– immature (they haven’t figured out how to not be agitated)
– not good enough (they should be able to find thoughts to manage the situation and find stillness, otherwise shame is deserved)
– not pleasant to be in the company of, annoying (fear of being abandoned by friends, excluded, something which is an old fear of mine)

Below all these, there is the assumption that agitation is bad. I can see how it can be beneficial to do things in a rush once in a while, but on a daily basis, it looks to me like a hyper response we use to cope with life which becomes dysfunctional and limiting.

Reading these inputs of mine, what kind of work would you suggest me to do on agitation? Thanks a lot.