Work drama on re-play

There has been a lot of drama at work the last three week, and I have been harassed at work for nearly 10 years.
I was finally able to step out of this harassment and file an official complaint. I got the result I wanted. The harraser has been terminated.
I have been doing very long TDL’s and models.
What I’m struggling with for the last three days is all the re-plays in my mind (re-playing the harassment scenarios, my complaint, my interview, who I’ve shared the info with).
Just when I realize I’m not thinking about this, I start thinking about it again. I try to re-direct my “toddler with a knife brain” and it lasts for a short period of time and then I’m right back thinking about it.
Will it just take time for me to feel all this shittyness? Am I just stuck in victim mentality? Indulging in these emotions (it is a distraction from my goal to lose these last 30#) ? Trying to justify the result?
Thank you!
ps. 15 days away from being a “DIAMOND” member!