Work drops performance category and I am so angry.

It is year end performance evaluation time. In years passed I’ve always received an “outstanding” evaluation which is typically awarded to 10% of staff. I have occasionally received “exceeds” which is given to 1% to staff. This year they eliminated the outstanding category and lumped the 10% into the “successfully meets” category. I wrote my self assessment and it’s the best one I have ever written…I can never write these things as I am typically quite shy but this year I dared myself to be bold. Simply stated my boss doesn’t agree and I’m so angry. I am having tremendous difficulty getting past the anger. Even attempting to write a model. I think I could write a book with the number of thoughts and feelings I am having. I feel like I need to set aside a day and have a total freak out. Do multiple thought downloads and unintentional models. Is spending a day doing that useful? I can’t get myself to the point of writing an intentional model.

Also where do I find info on doing the daily dare…I hear it mentioned occasionally but not sure where I find material about it.