Work for 4 hours today

I am playing with models, and showing myself just how simple they can be. Will you please read the one intentional/unintentional model below and provide feedback.

Today I am going to take 4 hours to get a handful of work done. My intention is to go into my office feeling relaxed and focused, but the thought of overwhelm comes in because I think that isn’t enough time. 4 hours of time to work is neutral. I want to go in and clear some items off my to do list — there’s no urgency, but lots of mindfulness. With this amount of time, I want to prioritize what needs to get done and I can totally do it, but I want to intentionally go in and be in control vs. taken off into la la land.

C: Work for 4 hours today.
T: I have so much to get done.
F: Overwhelmed
A: I mossy into my office, go through emails, get off task by getting distracted with social and unimportant emails, carry on conversations that aren’t on task
R: I don’t get tasks accomplished because I am distracted.

C: Work for 4 hours today.
T: I have a plan.
F: Focused
A: Go through emails, write my today list, prioritized tasks, set ‘Do Not Disturb’ on phone and computer, avoid getting on social media, avoid small talk
R: I accomplish tasks in the time I have allotted.