Work for a Perfectionistic Organization

I’ve been trying to do B+ work at my day job, and I get feedback to change tiny things, like grammar and wording, after I meet deadlines. These tiny details don’t have any effect on the substance of the work. I never turn in anything with typos or anything like that; the edits are just nitpicky and unnecessary. I get upset because I feel like I could be more productive if my managers weren’t so political and wanting to put their stink on everything by pointing out minor details that don’t have anything to do with moving forward. We also do a lot of redundant work, and I’m constantly frustrated because I feel so slowed down, and the deadlines just keep coming. I often feel like my managers don’t realize that so much of the work we are doing is redundant. I feel penalized for moving fast and being productive. It’s frustrating and I get upset, especially when I feel like I’m being questioned or asked dumb questions. I have a manual for my workplace for sure, and since I’ve been trying to implement Monday Hour One during the workday, I feel super penalized for trying to move faster than I have been. Not sure what to do from here. Do I succumb to the perfectionism they want, or do I continue to move fast? I feel like it’s too hard to do both. And I feel like I wouldn’t be doing Monday Hour One if I give in to their demands.