Work is hard?


I want to make $100k in my business and eventually I’d love to make $1M in my business. I’m noticing sometimes that I give up on this goal, or I feel reluctant, because I think it’ll take a lot of hard work and I just don’t want to do that.

What I’m realizing is that things are hard when I make them hard. Making any money isn’t hard or not hard; going to work vs owning a business isn’t hard or not hard – I make it either hard or easy using my thoughts.

Also wanted to note that I’m willing to do “hard things” and things that feel scary and I’ve been doing them as part of my impossible goal. When this sort of thought comes up it’s more of a general about the whole business thing:
T: It’ll be hard
T: It’s a grind
T: I don’t want to put myself through that.

And I’d prefer to think of it differently like – “some parts will be ‘difficult’ and I’ll do them anyway, but it won’t generally be a big slog” “it won’t generally hurt my life to have this business, actually it’ll make it better, more fun”

Would love to hear back from you about dismantling this “work is hard” thought pattern.