Work issue

Hey Brooke!

Need some insight.

While trying to live in my purpose, each day I commit to connecting and interacting with people at work who I don’t usually reach out to talk to.

It’s been going well. I hit a bump in the road yesterday when I was told by a friend to be careful around a guy I work with.

Apparently, while I was actually talking to him (not doing the small talk thing), he was recording me on snap chat and pretending to look interested (social media app).

In the description, he wrote “Liz thinks I’m her friend but I’m actually not even listening to her”. Sent that to everyone who is friends with him on snap chat. Some of those people being my work friends as well.

I felt very angry. I was embarrassed and disappointed.

I thanked my friend for having my back and letting me know.

Drove home super upset and trying to unscramble my thoughts. Realized I just need to write this shit down.

So when I did a thought download, I uncovered things like:

-What an asshole
-He made me look stupid and no one cared to tell me but one person
-Those so called friends probably do the same thing to me
-People at work suck

I allowed myself to feel the feelings.

I was mainly feeling really embarrassed because it was displayed to others and the people I thought would tell me didn’t. I made it mean that I didn’t matter.

Now I think it’s actually kind of funny. Although still a bit disappointed.

Feelings I want to feel are peaceful, fascinated

I came up with thoughts like:

-People will do whatever they want
-What people say/do says more about them than me
-He must be feeling some type of negative emotion to do something like that

I’m trying to get to the peaceful/fascinated place.

C-Chris snapped a video of me & said …
T- Wow, that jerk made me look like an idiot and my so called friends didn’t tell me
F-embarrassed, angry
A- Tell people what a jerk he is and stop talking to those friends from work.
R- Look and feel like a jerk. Make this a pointless high school drama

C- Chris snapped a video of me & said…
T- ??
F- Fascinated
A- Move on
R- Keep connecting with those who want it ??

I’m trying to look at things from his point of view. Trying to think about how he may be feeling inadequate so he has to prove himself to others. That brings me closer to peace and compassion.

Also trying to think that other people just might not want to be involved so they didn’t tell me.

Thanks Brooke