Work issues

Hi Brooke

Currently having issues at work. Basically, i am at a workplace were my boss continually talks over me and gives me basic tasks while he talks to contactors and junior staff about the major project work. Im a specialist with 20 years experience but he seems to just want people to marvel at his genius and learn from him even though ive got about 10 years experience on him. I just do my job as its his business, and i want to do the best i can which i am fine with. It does make me look less knowledgable in front of clients when i am being talked over and ultimately i don’t really enjoy typing notes instead of doing project work. I also worry about the effect on my carreer. I could just go get another job which i think he would prefer. I dont like changing for my resume. I am setting up my coaching practice on Fridays and ultimately want to switch to that. I think I should sit tight and do my best work till i change to coaching but i find it hard to manage my mind to stay positive in this role. Thoughts?
Thanks so much!