Work life balance

Hello Coaches,

I would like to check the depth of the R that I am creating. Could you help me? Is there anything else I could ask myself in order to get to the root cause of the problem and see what is happening? In the Intentional Model I started with the R which was very helpful and eye opening. Many thanks in advance.

Default Model
C: Work-life balance with the kids
T: I am not spending enough quality time with the kids
F: Guilt
A: I self judge, compare with other mums, think at the article I read about this mother who had lost a child, I do focus on the things I want to do at work, I buffer, I make excuses, I am short with them, I am short with me. I am not looking for a solution to balance my life and work.
R: I spoil time that I have with them

Intentional Model
C: Work-life balance with the kids
T: I love spending time with them
F: Present
A: I plan play time in Monday Hour one calendar; I follow calendar, I use each time in the calendar to one present with what I do, I notice and allow the resistance that shows up, I notice the thoughts that pop up in my brain that want to distract me, I do not judge, I do not compare
R: I spend qualitative time with the kids