Work mistake model

Hi Brooke,

I wrote in earlier and thought I’d write in with my model on a mistake I made at work to get some help.

C: launched a website and images were missing for several days
T: I am the worst. I hate myself. I am not good at this kind of work. I suck.
F: shame
A: cry, tell my friends about how much I suck, update my launch checklist, consider other careers
R: remain uncommitted to my career

C: website design career
T: I suck at this, I need to find a new career but I can’t
F: stuck
A: stay in current career
R: conflicted

C: my boss
T: he doesn’t give me clear expectations. I don’t know what the f he wants from me.
F: angry, victim
A: tell other people about it, guess what the expectations are
R: still unclear, out of integrity

C: job
T: I should just be fired
F: shame
A: complain to my friends, buffer with social media
R: not my best work


C: career
T: This is happening for me
F: certain
A: commit to scs
R: know that it’s all working out eventually

C: job
T: this is preparing me for something
F: optimistic
A: consider what it may be preparing me for