Work Place Validation

At work today our manager brought us in a room and said he got a call from our boss saying she asked him to be the head of the Covid vaccine clinics and help organize and run them.

Due to this, he said our boss wanted the other pharmacist to know that he will have to be taking on a lot more responsibilities in the coming months, and make sure the pharmacy runs smoothly. My thought immediately was “What about me? Am I invisible?”.  My name was not mentioned at all to help keep the pharmacy running smoothly even though I have worked there longer than this other pharmacist and have more experience.

I feel frustrated like there is unconscious sexism coming from my boss, and I also feel I get this from customers as well. We have several customers that will only talk to the 2 male pharmacists I work with. I am the only female pharmacist. I’ve been thinking about how upset this made me, and realized I am seeking outside validation from my boss and from customers, but when I try to get myself to think differently about the situation it feels as if I’m just trying to brainwash myself into feeling good about a situation I don’t like. I know it’s not serving me to have these thoughts if I’m going to stay at my current job.

Any thoughts on how I can think about this differently?