Hi Brooke,
Your reply to my question TARGET MARKET was helpful, and I’m continuing my work. Below are my current results for my WORK WITH ME page, and an outline of my program. And I’m trying my hand at Copywriting.
I appreciate any comments from you, especially critique.
Thanks, GREG


You’re a good man, generous and friendly. You are intelligent, motivated, and successful,
in your work and your hobbies.

You can be hotheaded, prone to irritation, and occasionally you get really pissed off.

You know that your anger is causing problems in your deep relationships, but you’re not sure why it’s such a big deal to those around you. Most of the time you’re a great guy. When anger does strike, you’re quick to flare up, but even quicker to come back down.

You’re much harder on yourself than on anyone in your life, and you believe that this toughness, and the energy that drives your hotheadedness, are critical ingredients of your ability to achieve.

I’ll help you to understand why your anger IS such a big deal to those close to you.

I’ll reveal to you one of the most important motivations for the masculine energy in all of us, and show you how your anger is short-circuiting this fundamental drive.

I’ll show you how to re-train your brain so that it works for you, not against you, in your mission to live without anger.

I’ll show you how dealing with even the mundane irritations of daily life with ease and balance can generate a tremendous sense of power and satisfaction.

You’ve been kicking ass in your life, albeit with some collateral damage along the way. When you’re ready to increase your performance, master your emotions, and become a rock-solid, safe and trustworthy partner to your colleagues and loved ones, I invite you to join me for a free 30 minute call, during which we’ll talk about anger and its role in your life.


Here’s what you can expect:
– a coach who has been exactly where you are
– a non-judgmental space to discuss where you are now and why you might be ready to generate changes in your life
– one tool you can implement right away to modify your reactions to your circumstances
– information on how you can get more support


What about your edge?
Consider those times in your life when you’re actively and positively engaged, perhaps when engaging in a favorite hobby. Is your ‘edge’ a part of those moments? I suspect not.

Imagine if much more of your life, even the mundane and frustrating parts of it, could flow with a similar ease as during those moments of high engagement

Maybe my anger really ISN’T that big of deal ….
Take an inventory of the time and energy you spend dealing with the fallout from your anger, and imagine what you could do with the resources if you didn’t have to spend them fixing things

I’ve tried to fix my anger before.
I’m not offering you anger management tools, or coping techniques. I’m going to share a basic universal truth about human behavior, and share with you the tools to apply this truth to your daily life. I’m talking about transforming how you view and react to the world.

I urge you take this step now.




7 elements

1 – Emotional Adulthood
We’ll talk about what it means to be an emotional child and to be an emotional adult.

2 – Compelling Reason
Your pride can be a powerful thing in your life, a factor behind your achievement. It can also constrain your growth, anchoring you where you are now and impeding your effort to change. We’ll examine the true costs of your anger, and help you develop YOUR compelling reason to invest the effort, and to abandon your pride, to make behavior changes.

3 – Self Coaching and the Model (26)
The Model organizes EVERYTHING in the human world into one of 5 categories – Circumstances, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, and Results. We’ll discuss how to fit YOUR life into this model, to obtain a clear view of why you feel and act the way you do and why you’re getting the results you get, and how to use it to change your actions and your results.

4 – Feelings / Awareness Acceptance Wisdom (92, 29, 41)
We’ll examine your capacity to feel, especially to feel negative feelings. It’s very likely that you experience very few negative feelings, except anger. That does not mean that they are not there. We’ll examine how the ability to feel deeply the entire spectrum of positive and negative feelings can radically change your life.

5 – Tips and Tricks
Implementing the information that you’ll learn in this course is a matter of skill. One doesn’t become a good golfer or guitar player or archer from reading and consuming information. We’ll talk about the pitfalls that you’ll experience as you use this material, and tips and tricks to overcome them.
– gratitude; not doubling down (recognize pride and need to be right), self criticism as means to not take responsibility

6 – Expectations (11)
You’ve been meeting and exceeding expectations for much of your life. We’ll talk about how expectations and the word ‘should’ are the source much of your discontent.

7 – Self Criticism
We’ll discuss why your tendency to criticize yourself does not help you. You can maintain your internal Quality Control without berating yourself.