Work promotion


I posted a few weeks ago as was going for a promotion at work and using your tools, managed to go into my interview with a confident mindset. I’ve now been offered the promotion which is very exciting but my brain is freaking out big time that I can’t do it/I don’t know how/I will fail etc.

The two models I’ve done so far are:

C – promotion
T – it’s too much work and I think I’ll fail
F – anxious
A – avoid accepting role and discussing contract/salary/terms
R – fail ahead of time and prove expectation


C – promotion
T – I’m open to the idea I can do an amazing job and will take action no matter what (is this too much for one model?)
F – determined
A – take action no matter what, email boss with terms
R – impress myself

I’m not sure if I should be doing models for all my crazy thoughts (pls tell me this is normal too?!) and also my intentional thought is still the same one i had for going for the interview so feel I should modify it in some way. Would be great to get your feedback on the models. Thank you.