Work protocol amazingness!!

Today was the first day I used the work protocol you suggested at SCS Master Class. This was the most productive I’ve been years. This is also the most I have ever billed in one single day. There was definitely some brain chatter and several times I found myself opening an email automatically even though it wasn’t the allotted time to check emails. I even shared the work protocol with my colleague who asked me to send him my template.

I can see now, why you suggested this work protocol. Most of my urges to answer emails or notes from my secretary immediately are all about my desire to people please. But I also found that following the work protocol, when I did answer emails or respond to people’s inquiries I was more thoughtful in my responses.

The end of the day was so relaxing as opposed to the usual Panic to cram more things in. I left my laptop at work and I was able to drive home without the usual anxiety or adrenaline High.

Thank you so so much for my work protocol.
– Judith