Work Protocol and Worry

I am post masterclass 1 month and i have been kicking ass at my work protocol. I met my quarter goal 2 weeks early and every hour worked from here on out is just bonus. So amazing!!

However now my brain is being a total jerk and looking for things to worry about. I keep catching it but can’t find a new neutral thought. Here are my models:

C: work
T: there must be some file I should be worried about
F: fear and disquietude
A: ruminate, look for problems, catastrophize small things
R: find things to worry about

I want to think there is nothing to worry about, but that thought isn’t believable yet and makes me feel more fear and a bit of dread.

I am trying to find something im the middle. The only thing I can come up with is “it is possible to work without worrying.” But that doesn’t give me any relief.

Please help me with formulating bridge thoughts. Thank you in advance