Work protocol that works (mostly) except for a little email buffering.

Hey there,
Melanie here.
Wow I am learning a lot.

March, I was super confident about my money goals. As you suggested might happen, late in the month I got pinged by doubt. Oh, I don’t know the How.

Modelling that fear away, I segued into April.

Hard! Time management! I am busy! I hate detail!

Oh and then was the golden moment that I realised a simple work protocol.

It starts with using the narrative process you describe in entrepreneurs section, to gently take myself through a progressive task breakdown process and keep my “detail hating” self at bay.

Then I go the next step and map a 3 month big picture plan. The I go the next step and schedule.

Wow.NOW I see where the HOW from March work reveals itself. Deal with those annoying micro tasks, get rid of the low level stress of stuff that’s in your heard and not written down anywhere, no more lying awake at night telling myself 10 times to remember this specific tasks I have to do tomorrow.

I admit the detailed planning and scheduling really aggravated me no end, but 2 hours planning liberated hours of time and has led to me taking specific action, kicking goals, remaining focussed and feeling energised at work, without overwhelm or procrastination.

Small pain, big gain. Totally worth it.

Then today I hadn’t finished a task I set for the day, today. I realised that I had been dreading the homework of “planning the day, doing it, then writing what I did.”

Because that planning makes me accountable to myself (!) and reveals to me that my meeting that went overtime, that I buffered with lengthy email responses and checking when I felt tired in the afternoon, a little online shopping for pens! When I got stuck with something and the hour I spent talking to a friend. Which…makes up the 2.5 hours I needed to finish that task today.

This is the work for me. It is about non negotiable, integrity and self accountability.

Thank you for this months’ challenge!