Work scarcity

Hi, there is someone at work whose job title is very similar to mine and our roles overlap. Technically, my title is higher in the organization than his, though he does not report directly to me. I try to stay focused on my work and adding value without feeling like we are competing for projects etc. But I keep thinking that he is more skilled than I am in the KPIs that we are supposed to deliver. I do feel confident in other skills, just not in the main expectations of this particular job. I know this thought is not serving me but saying I am better than him or that we are equally skilled in these areas feels very much like a fact not a thought (or at least not a thought that is believable. I have a lot of evidence that he’s excellent at his job). I’m not sure what thoughts to think that would feel abundant where we can both succeed. It’s a hierarchical organization and he has expressed to me and others that he’d like my job. The thought, we can both succeed does not land well, nor does a bridge thought like I’m trying to find evidence on how we can both succeed.