Work situation

Hi Brooke,

I am at a full time job that was the obky availabke opportunity when I was graduating. I can’t quit it because I am locked in an contract that controls my immigration situation. If i were to quit, I would be deported within 48 hours from the US, and I had worked increadibly hard for 8 years to get to this point where I am at: done with education and working ro get my green card in 2-3 years so I can finally open my own business.
I can’t work for myself or anyone else in the next 2 ish years while I am going through this.
I hate my job. I feel unappreciated and unliked every single day. I am a Dr in a multi Dr practice. I work in 4 different offices. Every time I walk into an office, I feel uncomfortable. Sometimes staff doesn’t even say good morning to me. I could make it aboit them but I observed how they do say hello to another Dr so I take it personally. I had worked there for 14 months. My superior for 4 years. For her bday she gor a surprise party with baloons, cakes, photos and a potluck lunch. J got a small cake for 5 minutes after work. Some people already left. No celebration. I see staff hanging out at another Dr’s office but never at mine. I was sick, had surgery, my relatives died, when I came back to work, noone evem asked how i was doing.
They email my superior behind my back after every meeting I have with them questioning me. They question my medical experience. I tried to haev meetings with the management but they refuse to cooperate and complain to the management.
I cry at work, I have chest pain, I overeat. I run RUN during a work day for 11 hours in a row to finish an overbooked schedule on time and they tell me there are still patients after work hours so I see them, feel resentful because I had missed my personal appointments because of that, they dont appraciate me staying later, I don’t get paid extra but if j just turn around and go home saying :its 6 pm, I only get paid until 6- I will look like a d*ck. So I am in this vicious cycle. I want to be appreciated. I want staff to have my back. I am just an associate but I am working like its mt own office to gain appreciation in the eyes of the staff and superiors but I have never heard in 14 months any of it. My boss has a separate email folder with mt name probably because I send so many emails with suggestions foe inprivement, sharing nad days at work and asking for advice. My superior says they don’t know what else to recommend. i feel rejected by my superior. Bad relationships with the staff. When I lesve, for sure noone will follow me. I am not gaining any reputation with patients because any extra work I do, theg thank the company and not me. And I can’t quit because I need a green card.
I feel unappreciated, undervalued, disliked, rejected. I feel resentment towards all emoloyees. I feel they favoritize other Dr and she used to like me but after I conplained so mucb, she doesnt like me anymore. Noone has my back. I cant teust anyone. My assistants weite notes rhat sometimes compromise me and my license so I have to check after 90+ patients every day amd I camt’t physically do that so I can’t sleep well at night, worrying there is some documentation that can conpromise me (they sometimes misunderstand or straigt lie in the chart about a visit, teying to cover their mistakes).
How do I survive another 2 years at this place? I am in a serious danger of a heart attack