Work struggles

I have been overlooked for promotion and now have to work with the person they brought in above me. When we work on projects together she treats me a lot more junior than I am, but expects me to help her with getting to know my clients (she used to work in a different area). I don’t see how I can get promoted now as she is blocking my opportunities and there’s no route to promotion for me now

C – woman at work

T – she treats me more junior than I am, she’s expecting me to give her a leg up with my clients and no one is helping me up, she’s blocking my route to promotion

F – resentment

A – get on with my job regardless and still do a good job

R – ? Job gets done but I feel terrible and hopeless

I’m struggling to see what I do differently with my actions and what the result is of that other than me feeling bad or what I would do differently if I felt something other than resentment.

My persistent thoughts are that whatever I think or feel there still wouldn’t be room for promotion. So I go round in circles.